Our office is specifically designed to be efficient, because of this, we can schedule new people quickly. This keeps the wait time  at a minimum and rates affordable. Of course we offer high quality chiropractic, focused on adjusting the spine for subluxations. 

Adjusting subluxations is what the profession of chiropractic was founded on and has been doing for over 100 years, and Dr. Jason has been doing since 1996.


Who can get adjusted?

Dr. Jason adjusts everyone from infants to the elderly, football players to ballerinas, marathon runners to desk jockeys, pregnant moms and whole families, as well as special needs individuals (disabilities, medical conditions, post surgical etc…).   He uses a combination of styles and techniques to best serve each person.

Do you have a special rate for military, fire fighters and police officers?
Yes, we do.

The rate for those active in the above categories is $25. There are no other fees. This is as a thank you for those that serve our country by putting their lives on the line.

Office Hours

Monday 3-7
Tuesday 9 -1 , 3-7
Wednesday 3-7
Thursday 9 -1 , 3-7
Saturday 10-1



Welcome to Meyerson Chiropractic Center

(Dr. Jason is also available by appointment outside of posted office hours)